Welcome to Webkickstart

Hello my name is Joe, I am a former freelance a web developer because I have finally cracked the code on how to create income online without having to slave over large web contracts anymore. Web development is great and an awesome hobby but as a professional it can be a bit demanding. Projects can include ton of stress when there is tight deadlines and huge investments that are time sensative on the line.

A simple stratagy to fix the need for performance is create your own project but in order to do that you need a revenue stream and what I found is...

Email Marketing + Solo Ad = Major Win!

Try it! It's inexpensive to start and easy to do. Download the guide and get started.

Webkickstart exists to show you how I setup and use my email marketing list and how you can create you own email marketing list that will provide traffic to your business opportunities and affilate links on demand.

The strategy here is simple, buy solo ads that point your traffic to the page that will get them on your email list. Every subscriber can be sent email over and over again so you keep your traffic! Pay for traffic once that you can send email to later think about how much possibilities there are in that.

I go into more depth in the Solo Ad Guide you can download if you sign up for my list. But to get a jump on what needs to be done check out UDIMI.

Check out my Youtube channel and download the guide to email marketing. Thanks for checking out Webkickstart.

  * As with all money related services we cannot guarantee your success. We can work with you to master the concepts you need to achieve your financial goals.